Day 8
May 3rd

When you leave a camera laying around, it's an open invite for a three year old to start taking pictures.

It's time for Aunt Becca to start packing up her things. I'll be riding from NJ out to Long Island, NY to see mom and the rest of the family.

It was foggy up at elevation, but it cleared as I neared Manhattan.

George Washington Bridge. Brian loaned me his EZPass to make the crossings go a little easier.

Ah, New York City.

I rode around for a while trying to find a good spot for a picture but it was impossible to get away from traffic. I was almost crushed by a cab driver that felt that I would just HAVE to lose the merge despite 75% of my bike being out front of his bumper. As he came over at me I looked at him and he just stared at me as he continued to push me into the next lane. Luckily, the next lane had enough space to accept me. If I'd been wearing my MX boots, he'd need to replace his headlight.

Another bridge. I think I took the Queensboro after unsuccessfully negotiating cross-park traffic. Twice.

I stopped at my younger sister Nicole's job to surprise her. She knew I was in the area, but didn't think she'd see me until later tonight at dinner.

The Islanders practice arena

I got lucky and the local F.D. still had the doors open for this pic. Kenny, my step father, is a volunteer here and is a career fireman with the city of New York.

I don't think I ever realized how twisty the roads near mom were until I started riding a few years ago.

Cassidy, the Westie

Oliver, the Old English Sheep Dog (after a recent shave)

Out to dinner we go. Italian food in NY is about as good as it gets without needing a passport

Of course you have to deal with characters like this showing up while you eat

The Mommy

My sister Nicole and I

Mom stayed home and Melinda rove out from NJ to meet Nicole, our sister in law Kat, and me for Nelson Ladies Night at Dave & Busters. Emma, the newest Nelson gal, joined us in her stroller.


Kat (quick on the smile even with candids)

Cool ceiling fans, all belt driven and working off the same motor

Some hoops

And trivia

And diaper changes

We were all exhausted and needing to be at my mother's for a BBQ the next day so we said out goodbyes and retired for the night.

New Jersey, New York
114 miles

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