Max came by Doubleshots as bike night was finishing up, and we went for a spin. First, we had to go drop a few things off at my place and I needed my riding pants - got chilly and the jeans are only for commuting, not riding...

We ended up doing a loop of about 60 miles. It took MUCH longer than it should have - we got separated coming off the freeway (one of us stayed ON the freeway !?!?!) and then I picked a bad meet-up spot to regroup. I figured there would be something at the intersection of 90 and 6, but no... just a passing train and construction.

He and I each insist we were at that intersection. All nothingness of it. We both sat and watched the train pass by. Neither of us saw the other. How is that possible?

Well, I had already moved my phone to the top map pocket of my tank bag so when he texted me that he was up the road a half mile, it was easy for me to get going and meet him at the gas station.

Now already having a horrible time of the group riding thing, Max must have decided to give me the benefit of the doubt because he followed me all the way out to Fulshear.

When we pulled into the gas station there, a Constable with full lights going (no sirens) pulled up to the intersection in front of us.

"Is it illegal to sit in a parking lot and warm up your hands?"

Well, the Constable was followed by a very fast moving house! Yup, a full house on a flatbed going 40mph down the road. I barely got the camera out in time to catch it.

Are we cold yet?

I pulled to a stop in front of a concrete site. I got a strange look when I hopped off the bike to take a picture. Yes, I take pictures of weird stuff and at any moment in time. I hadn't tried taking one-handed moving shots at night, so I decided it was worth the stop for the uber-industrial look.

I didn't hold the camera still, but it had a cool effect.

We headed back into town and tried to cut the house off at the pass, but we got to the intersection of 723 just a moment too late. Not wanting to get caught behind the house for the entire ride back, we cut north and took 1093 back.