Lists. I keep making them in the hopes that it will help me remember everything I need to buy, check on, pack, and do before the trip. Thing is, it takes forever to get one little thing crossed off and in the process at least one more thing will be added on.

I tried sewing my own pillow, since I'm not impressed with the compressible one I got from REI. I cheaped out and went with the small one that was on sale. Had I spent three times as much, I'd have unquestionable comfort. Should I just shell out the bucks and go for the top-'o-the-line model after all? The one I made isn't bad, it's just small. I could always try again for a larger version.

The ammo can luggage system I'd been working on all along is simply not going to be done in time. I have the plastic Givi side cases (E21) that I've used all along, but I was hoping to get the new system up and running for the added space and convenience. Oh well, even the best laid plans sometimes fail. The test run two weeks ago was with these Givis, so I know they'll work and I know I can pack everything I need into them. I just hate how they look and wanted more space. UGH!