The painting is coming along well, although not without incident. I get excited about things going well, then I mess up something else.

-I've spilled enough paint on myself and the floor to fill a bucket.
-My exhaust fan stopped working for no reason.
-I ran out of masking tape at 3am.

The design that Gavin and I came up with (and finally agreed on) is much simpler than I'd originally excpected, ans a lot more surface area is covered with silver than I thought he wanted. The design is simple, but elegant. Nothing too flashy, nothing too boring. The mix of copper and silver are very complementary.

There is very little shading, and it's subtle. I didn't want anything too flashy, since Gavin had no idea what my plans were for shading the silver at all.

There are a few minor spots that had an adhesion problem that I'll need to correct, but otherwise I'll be clear-coating the project this weekend. LOTS of sanding involved, but that's what ensures a smooth, glass-like finish. It's worth it!