I went for a morning ride today with some of the folks over at MotoHouston. I knew that the group on there was on the young and squidly side, but Mike had posted the Friday morning ride as "nothing outrageous", so I figured I'd be safe with whoever showed up.

I was wrong. Granted, nobody got hurt, but I'm shocked about that. I had Candice with me on the back of my Strom and Stacy was on her trusty Ninja 250. The guys (with the exception of Mike) were only interested in going as fast as possible. They don't follow the same group riding guidelines that I'm used to, and they seem dangerous and inexperienced as a whole.

The funniest part (depending on your sense of humor) was a bug getting himself stuck in my sleeve and biting me a few times before I finally pulled over and got it out. I still don't know what kind of flying insect it was, but the bites started to swell almost immediately and they sorta itched and sorta hurt. I keep hydracortisone (sp?) in my tank bag for just such an occasion, and I put lots on at the next stop.

The part I hated the most (and there were lots to choose from) was when I was passed in my own lane. That should NEVER happen. Not once, not twice, but many times. I waved Mike around me and everyone behind him assumed I meant "yeah, all of ya, why not!" Then it happened. I was passed in my lane - in a curve - on a double yellow. I cursed him from inside my helmet and at the next stop I let it be known that behavior like that gets people hurt or killed.

Stacy, Candice, and I had a great morning. This was the first I'd gotten to ride with Mike, and he is a blast. He waited on us while still enjoying his ride.

Maybe it's just because the four of us are 'old farts' compared to the ~19-21 crowd on MH, but I will not be riding with them again. 'Nuff said.

As I was leaving for work, I came upon a box. A white box, with a blue and red stripe. Yes folks, the postman had brought me a present!

My Chatterbox FRS Multi-Sport was finally here, so I scooped it up and brought it to work with me.

While trying to drown out the droning voice of my customers, I read what little instruction was included and got it charging and mounted on my helmet. Candice had her (borrowed) helmet in the car - ready to go for a ride on a whim - and we had the second headset on it lickety-split. Rather than using the included clamp on hers, we just shoved the mounting piece between the liner and shell, and Voila!

Granted, we must have looked like fools sitting at my desk with helmets on, but we connected all the pieces and we were talking! To each other! Well, there's this handy PTT (push to talk) button in case I don't want to use VOX (voice activation). Candice doesn't get a button. hehehe... I am in charge of the conversation!

The headset cord that attaches the two of us is short, and is meant to be used with an extension cord (which I don't yet have). Cycle Gear carries them, but I can't get to one before the morning ride. Wild West Honda opens at 8:30, but I won't know if they have the part I need until I get there.

I'll add the music later; I left that cord at home. I'll finish charging the battery after work, and the cord placement could use a little tweaking. We'll see how it works on the ride out west in the morning.