It's been too long since I've updated the blog. Sorry about that.
I've been busy with painting a bike, working on my bike,
and going on long trips whenever I can!
A quick summary since the last post to get you caught up:

Cornerworked and stood under an awning as it
hailed and sleeted in Texas - in APRIL!

Celebrated Mollie & Bryan's anniversary at Doubleshots

Snuck into CheapSTOC with the "Safety Vest Twins"

Decided to go to London...
And while I was there, I hopped over to Dublin!
Yay me!
Hung out with the ladies at the lake

Went fast for half a day at Texas World Speedway
Finally got to cross Oklahoma off the list of states visited!

Biwwy went boom

I got VERY wet

Got to watch my friends go fast from the best seat in the house

And then a week later I got to go fast ALL DAY!