Meunster, TX

Scott: Have you shown this stuff to your family? If so, what were their reactions?
Me: They think I’m nuts.
Scott: Well right… but what about the motorcycling activities?

Red River Motorcycle Trails is a private riding area up near the Texas/Oklahoma border. It was the home of three consecutive Last Man Standing competitions in recent years, and is open on weekends for daily use by guests. At only $15 for the day, it is a great value offering a wide range of terrain to learn, practice, and enjoy some good ‘ol dirty fun.

My day started very early. Some would call it late. I guess it all depends on whether you consider days to start at midnight or upon awakening. I left work at 11pm to pack up the truck and trailer and headed north to Bill‘s house in Arlington, knowing that the sooner I got there the sooner I’d be taking a nap.

I got as far as 5am when this happened. I was going ~72mph in the center lane on the freeway and it scared me senseless, but I got off the road and as far onto the shoulder as I could before grinding to a halt.

Out here, there wasn’t much. There was enough light that I wasn’t immediately worried about getting run over, but it wasn’t where I wanted to be for very long.

As luck would have it, the GPS told me I was only 18 miles from the town Chris lived in. He had told me to call him if I got close and was too tired to continue on to Bill’s, but that would only mean opening the garage for me. Instead, he became my rescue plan.

After getting the rig back to his house and stealing an hour of sleep on the couch, I woke up to meet his three year old Eli. He was playing a game in the kitchen, and apparently he was winning. Loudly. We moved my trailer to Chris’ truck and headed out with his eight year old Nathan.

Two food stops, a fuel stop, and two ATM machines later, we got to Red River and unloaded the toys.

Gummy worms! A great snack to feed a child that can’t put on or take off his helmet unattended.

It was his first "big" ride on his quad, and he did great - and cute as a button to boot! ;-)

The Red Bull barn, used for the Last Man Standing PR.

I was shown the infamous hill that had thrown Chris to the ground on his previous trip here with Bill. I would never even have tried to go up that thing.

Father and son

Chris and Nathan split off to ride the four-wheelers in the sand pit for a while, so Bill led Rachel and I through some trails. Bill went ahead to get these video clips of Rachel and I:

Poor Rachel. She took the wrong line coming up the hill and the bike went over. She was fine, but Bill had to go back down to get her and the bike.

And here’s how it’s supposed to be done! (Nate on his XR400R, like mine only newer)

On our last run, we decided to go play in the water to get some photos. There’s a creek that runs through the property, and four-wheelers had been running up and down it all day.

Thing is, they knew which way to go.

Bill didn’t.

The "blue submarine" story as told by pictures...

Photojojo left his posse on the other side of the field long enough to come say hi and help out with the flooded WR

While the men cleared the flooded submarine, I got to play with the Katoom sans-clutch