YAY fun! Was good to see so many people come out for the first "real" Monday night bike night. We had a combination of TWT, MH, TSBA, and HSN. Folks agreed that it's nice to finally have something down on this side of town. We discovered (after it was too late) that the deli in the same shopping center is open until 8pm, so I'm tempted to head over early next week and grab dinner before coffee.

*Disclaimer: I need to learn to use the settings on my new camera more effectively - the "automatic" setting isn't all that great at night, but the 'behind glass' setting worked perfectly to reduce glare on the last pic vs. the automatic that just bounced the flash back at me. Once I've learned all of the settings, it'll seem like I'm a pro! Santa was VERY good to me this year!

Becca's drink was a whipped coffee blend, with her name spelled out in chocolate sauce on the inside of the cup! (I love the way the reflective bits glow from the flash)

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Standing around talking bikes in the parking lot. The group was split between indoors and outside, but I'd guess 10 people or so? I can't name everyone... but RONNIE WAS THERE! LOL

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A game of Monopoly got fired up inside - they were still going strong at 10:30 when I left...

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When we were ready to leave, I started the bike to warm it up. Not even a minute later, it chugged to a halt and died. Uh... I'm out of gas.

Becca's response - "There isn't much I can do for you"

I stood it up off the side stand and rocked the tank, enabling at least enough fuel to get through that I was able to (barely) make it to the gas station.

On a 5.8 gallon tank (per Suzuki) I think this is the most I've ever filled up with.

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Looking forward to the next one!