Light Dual Sporting with 'Da Bunny

Carb Follow-Up

Ok, before turning the fuel back on this morning I took the tank back off, drained it, then got a fresh batch of gas. With the idle screw all the way out the bike fired but didn't run. Quarter turn of the choke for each kick and I knew I was getting closer.

When I finally got it running, it was idling pretty quick. Choke off, idle screw down a tad, but I can tell the pilot screw will need more adjusting.

I started getting a LOT of white smoke off the right side of the bike near the (?) exhaust header so after about three minutes of warm up I cut it off. I'll let it sit and then give it another go, hopefully it's just extra cleaner that got down there and needs to get burned off.

Thanks to all for the help and advice! Hopefully I'll be able to keep it running and get the other maintenance done for the DS ride next weekend!

(and yes, I'm kicking myself for it likely being just bad gas but at least I learned about carbs in the process so it wasn't a total loss)