A photo slideshow of my ride on Saturday for pie in New Ulm. A major storm woke me before the alarm even had a chance to get me itself, so it was bound to be an interesting day.
Video is here:
Since the slideshow goes pretty fast, here are just a handful of my favorites with captions:

The storm brought major destruction to my house.
A plant fell over! The horror!

Waiting out the morning didn't help Jeff meet up with the group, but it sure helped the rest of us avoid having to ride through the real heavy stuff.

On sport bikes stickers add horsepower.

In the dirt, they must cancel out the weight of the big beast or something.

I had my eye on Kurt's new toy. I got to ride it, but as I went down the road I realized I would have to just keep going - after all, there was nowhere to turn around that was big enough for me to not need to put my feet down. On this bike with the seat Kurt added, I can just barely get my toes on the ground. I felt like I'd need two peole on standby when I got back to spot me (ok, catch me) when I came to a stop!

Ride Review:

The big GS is certainly confidence-inspiring with its upright ergos and stocky overall design. The Corbin seat Kurt added is wider than stock, thus causing the tip-toe trickery. Once moving, the Fastway footpegs were a nice touch (I've already started looking for a pair to add to my bike, and I was extra annoyed each time my feet got wet and slipped on my pegs for the remainder of the day). I like having a gear indicator, and the dash is well setup. The Garmin 2720 was even set up to show me an angled view of the road ahead!

This (or it's little brother the F650GS) is probably the bike I'd want to get if money weren't an issue.

But it is.

So I'm not.

Back to pie. I was quite impressed with the way lunch was planned. There are pie runs that we have to sit and wait for our food and we're starving because of the size of the crowd, but at the Lone Star there was a small salad bar so we could munch while we waited. The pie was also set out on a table with coffee so we could partake whenever we were ready.

This little one didn't feel like smiling. She's got a pretty smile, I promise! It seems her dad likes to pick horrible days to ride and she got wet on the way over from Katy.

Was getting stuck in the mud worth this shot? Probably not.

Was it worth the pics that Bryan and Duke took of me, maybe.

I know it's illegal to pick bluebonnets, but if my bike just happens to swerve off the road and ito a big patch of them in a field, would it be illegal for me to squish them into the mud and otherwise abuse the poor little petals?

That's Bryan on my Strom watching Ken cross the high water.

I'm waaaaay back on his KLR (perfect timing for a bike swap, don't you think?) shaking my head at him NOT to try it on my baby!

What you can't see in this picture is the water that was dripping off his head, his haz-mat suit, and the buckets that he calls boots. He had to take them off and turn them over at least twice.

Bryan made it across after I hopped off the KLR for him, but only after getting to the small bridge on the other side did he realize he still had his wallet, phone, etc. in his pockets.


Duke made it there and back too (at least that's what it looks like...)

This is my dollhouse on the hill. Duke is going to buy it for me. LOL

To top it all off, I stopped at the corner roach coach for some dinner.