Day 6
May 1

My riding boots will collect dust for a few days as I step into a pair of sneakers and enjoy some down time with my family.

Cereal and fruit for breakfast. Noah's choice - a combination of Rice Krispies, Kix, and Special K.

He wanted to know how I got here from Texas on my "bicycle", so he commandeered my GPS to figure out the mystery.

His brother Ethan wasn't quite bright-eyed yet this morning.

After breakfast, we had some play time before getting ready to go out and enjoy the day.

"I'm gonna play my rock star guitar!"

Spank made a new friend that was also a guitar player.

Goofin' with my gear

We got everyone dressed (not a simple task) and loaded up the mini van.

We headed for Easton, PA - home of Crayola, known to my nephew as the "color factory". I don't know if it was my sister's driving or the fact that I hadn't been in a car for over a week, but I got very nauseous on the way there. We opted for lunch before heading into the hands-on museum and factory.

Also located in the building is a museum dedicated to canals. Noah and Ethan loved playing in the water, learning how the locks work to get the ships across.

To prevent additional car sickness, I drove us all home, but just in case I didn't know where I was going my sister had the GPS up on the dash.

GPS: Turn left in point five miles
Noah: Becca, you gotta turn left to go to our house. Mommy, which way is left?
Melinda: Left is when your hand makes the L. Right is the one you write with.
Noah: (hands in the air making L shapes) Becca that way is left. We gotta go that way.
GPS: Turn left in four hundred feet
Noah: It says go left Becca. Mommy, Becca doesn't know where our house is.
Melinda: Becca will be fine honey.
Noah: But it says go left.

This continued for a while until I figured out how and why my sister can drown out the sound of her own children when appropriate. We turned on the Sirius kids channel and had some grown-up conversation.