I'm both excited and nervous. Tomorrow is my first track day, and I think I'm ready. The bike is (mostly) prepped, my gear is (mostly) packed, and I'm (mostly) rested.

My goal was to get everything done and ready before work so that I could go home and go right to sleep tonight. Getting out of work @ 11pm and having my ride pick me up @ 4am is not going to be fun. Add to that the butterflies in my stomach, and I'm certain it will be a restless night and a loooong day tomorrow.

As much as I think I've got everything covered, I'm sure I must be forgetting something.

I bought UA football socks (knee-high and moisture-wicking) today, and they're pretty comfy. They prevent the tops of my boots from rubbing up against my legs.

I bought new boots yesterday (same make/model I had before, just a new pair to replace the worn-out ones), so they could use some breaking in. I guess I should have thought about that before, eh?

I borrowed an Aerostitch Roadcrafter suit from Kent, and it fits pretty nicely. I was afraid it would be too small, but it's just snug enough in most places that it will keep all of the protective bits in place. It's nice and bright, too - blue (just like everything else Kent has that's bike related), so you won't be able to miss me out there.

I'm still bringing Brian's Sidi race boots and my Cortech jacket & pants, since I've never ridden in Kent's suit and I'd hate to have to quit for the day if I can't move freely. I wish I had a camera to catch all the action!!!