I'm upset, to say the least.
The bike I went to Florida to pick up with Moe has been stolen.

The dirty rotten scumbags apparently stole the plastic fairings off it yesterday or last night. Moe then discovered this morning that they came back and stole the whole bike. My first question was "why wasn't it locked up in your storage space?"

The bike is insured and nobody was hurt, which is what's most important. Things can be replaced, people can't.

But I just have to vent - thieves that think they can coast through life taking other people's things for fun or profit will be the downfall of society as a whole. They didn't work for it, so why should they reap the benefit of the bike? Has society become so lax that thieves can come and go within the population and, in some cases, become more respected by their peers for what they've done?

Ok. I feel better now.