A photo narrative of today's Pie Run in Hutto for your viewing pleasure…

I wanted to be at the corner gas station by 5:15. I didn’t quite make it on time, but I was darn close! Left the house @ 5:13 and made it to the first meet-up with John by 5:20.

John: “Good morning.” Morning? It’s still dark out. You sure it’s not still last might? I need coffee. I also need to wipe the sleep from my eyes.

As we got farther away from Houston, the sun started to come up and began to burn off the early morning fog.

Chris: “If the train moves at 15 mph and has 132 cars, how long will we sit here and wait before checking for a way around?”
John: “I don’t know, but let’s go left. I like left.”

John “JasiuTLS”

Alberto “Prancing Pony” or “Stig” or something like that…

Chris: Thumbs Up!
Erin: “Aww, come on dad, you’re a dork.”

We ended up in Elgin. We weren’t planning on it, but we did.

Alberto: “What part of unpaved didn’t they understand?”
John: “I don’t mind the dirt, I just can’t take these u-turns!”

Erin: “How much farther is it?”

Instead of meeting us along the route, Randy saved the day by figuring out where we were and how to get to him.

Some of the bikes. I got to 45 and got distracted, so I didn’t get to finish counting the ones on the side of the building.

Lots of red ones. I guess they like to be near each other.

The girls hop on the hippo for a photo ops.

So of course the big girls have to get one too!

Me: “Can I ride it?”
John: “If you can start it you can ride it.”
Me: “Why do you have two ignition switches?”
John: “One’s a kill switch.”
Me: “What about this?”
John: “Well, you now have a speedometer to tell you you’re going 0 mph.”
Me: “Where’s the key?”
John: “There’s no key.”
Me: “Well then how am I supposed to start it?”

A few minutes later the thrill of watching me fumble around had worn off, and he showed me the magic button. It’s hidden, so no – it’s not my fault I couldn’t start it!

During my test ride, I made the mistake of asking John “Irondawg” to hold the camera.

This ditch is a lot deeper than it looks!

Deb “Snoopster” in front of her pie namesake.

Becca “RocketBunny” met us there and organized the ride back.

I never knew Deb could whistle that loud!
Speech by Chirs “the pieman” aka “wczimmerman”.

Spank showed up for this one. He finally got to meet Kurt “TxMedic” and his wife Rhonda (who happened to ride over here as a passenger, so maybe we’ll have an effect on her and get her on the bike more often!)

Chris: “I wanted to wear the orange today, you know, for visibility. She copied me!”
Erin: “Whatever dad. I just like this shirt.”

Last month I didn’t get pie.
I didn’t get pie this month either.
Sacrilege, I know. Banana puddin’.

We corralled as many of the remaining attendants as we could for a group shot around the Hutto Hippo. (So what was the official count, anyway?)

It was great to see so many members bringing family and friends. It was a nice atmosphere.

Becca: “Put the camera away, put on your helmet, and let’s get going already.”

Raul “houstonredrider”

Deb “Snoopster”

Jeff: “Where are we?”
Deb: “Not sure, but we’re too far out of the way.”
Becca: “This is hilarious. What’s the rush? Let’s just keep riding.”

Check out the cool new shades in Becca’s new modular helmet.

Spank: “They don’t even let me off of here to stretch!”

Saying our goodbyes and preparing to depart together for the last time today.

Artsy Strom shot.