This weekend was chock-full-o-fun. I didn't put nearly as many miles on the bike as I have been lately, but the ones I did were quality.

Steve and Rita invited me up to their place in Conroe to watch the Texans play Saturday night. As a precursor, we met up after lunch and went for a short northeasterly ride that landed us in Huntsville. We got to spend a little while visiting with Daniel (Beth & Scott's 4 day-old son) and Sarah, but the visit was much too short.

Back in Conroe, we ate some yummy burgers and fixins, then settled in to watch the game. As usual, Steve was never at a loss for words... until he passed out on the couch and started to snore!

I met Brian Sunday morning in Clear Lake, and we went riding south of Houston. I tried using my charm to win him over, but he wouldn't let me ride the Duc. It's got GP shifting, so even if he agreed it'd be one of the most difficult rides I'd taken.

Most of the roads were straight and boring, but they were a necessary evil if any curvy roads would be ridden. Crabb River was the climax of the ride, so we headed back through a second time and back to Clear Lake to watch the Moto GP and AMA races.

460.3 miles on the ODO, the Texans won, and I got to watch racing after a long absence from cable TV!