Still have to adjust the pilot screw, but it's running.

Last night I changed the chain & sprockets, added a tailbag, and bled the rear brake. Next up is the front brake and the oil/filter change and it'll be ready for the romp in East TX this weekend!

The $4 chain plate tool (Mike's?) was PERFECT for pressing the plate on - I highly recommend it! The hardest part of the process was getting the VERY stuck bolts off the back sprocket. I had to get some Liquid Wrench and work on them for a while before they would budge.

I also realized that I'd ordered stock gearing but that's not what I took off the bike. One of the previous owners had it at 14/51, but I put on stock 15/45 - probably better for this DS ride anyway, but I'll have to hold onto the 14/51 combo for trails and such, or look into a 12 or 13 front if I want to avoid adding links to the chain when I change it.