Day 9
May 4th

A slow and sluggish start to the day-after-ladies-night-out.

But nothing some bagels and coffee can't cure!

Kat and my brother Heath brought Emma back over to hang out at Nana's house.

And Noah went for a ride on Poppy's tractor

But wasn't able to get the key away from Poppy so he could drive by himself

Heath gives Ethan a boost

And then Nicole tries to keep up with the conversation

She wasn't behaving so we put her in time out inside the pen

And she couldn't figure out how to escape!

Her boyfriend Matt eventually let her out to end the suffering

"Look! Poppy's making chicken!"

"What? I can't hear you. I have lawnmower ears on."

Emma and Kat enjoying the shade

While Nicole enjoys the sun

And the rest of the family eats. We're professionals. Don't try this at home.

"They say lunch is done but I'm still hungry"

Country bumpkin

Noah learns to ride his bike, which he's been talking about since I got to the house with my motorcycle.

"Race Ya!"

An early birthday cake

Noah helps me blow out the candles

And Emma said goodnight to Spank before going home