Monday Night Football is growing in popularity. Sure, we only had five people this week, but it's more than the three we had last week and it's still just preseason. Word of mouth will play its part from here.

Oh, and I need a new helmet. Mine was tumbled in the dryer. No, it wasn't an accident.

A few weeks ago there were bugs (ants? spiders?) all over my bike. They were mostly centered around the tank and top triple, but they were all over the bike. I WD40'd the whole thing, then wiped it clean. I think I got them all.

Fast forward to today, and you have these same small eerie bugs all over my riding pants, helmet, and gloves as they sat on the table near my door. I decided the best things to spray inside the helmet would be whatever was the least toxic to me but still strong enough to kill the bigs. Lysol and Fabreeze were recruited.

I removed the speakers and mic, along with the full lining and cheek pads. After spraying them down, I came to the sudden realization that I now had to wear this thing. I was about to head out to bike night. For shame, I couldn't take the truck!

And this is where the helmet and liner pieces found their way into the dryer. There were clean clothes still in there (hey, less than 12 hours, I'm still on schedule), so the helmet shouldn't bang around too much, right?

Banged plenty, but dried and got the helmet warm enough that I was convinced nothing would still be alive inside. I suited up and headed out.

Now I need a new helmet.