Added a 12v cigarette-type socket to my bike to power my cell phone on the trip, and to have for other things in the future like a pump for tires, an air mattress, etc. I chose a standard plug instead of a powerlet/BMW style so that I wouldn't need adapters to power my stuff. Well, that and I'm too cheap to spend money on the fancy one just to have it a little bit smaller. It is, however, also an SAE connector that will work for heated clothes (in case I'm ever rich enough to buy some) or a battery tender (yeah right, like I'm ever going to stop riding the bike long enough to need that!)

Total cost was 11.43+tax, about a half hour of time, and some basic tools and supplies.

The breakdown:
2.59 Mini In-Line Fuse holder
1.69 10-Amp Mini Fuses (Pkg of 3)
1.69 Ring Terminals (Pkg of 4)
1.99 (?) SAE Extension
3.47 SAE to Cig Adapter

I cut the SAE extension (used for trailer hitches) in half, thereby producing two leads that can be wired directly to the bike. For now, I'm only using one. ( I might add the other one up from by the dash later) I ran a lead off the battery for both positive and ground, as the VStrom is known to not like it much if you try to ground electrical components directly to the frame. Zip ties were used to secure the fuse holder to the outside of the under-seat storage area, and holes drilled to run the wires into the storage pan. A few soldered connections, some heat shrink tubing, and VOILA!

Less than 24 hours left until we launch. I'm packed (well, mostly packed) and I think I've thought of just about everything. This time tomorrow, my backside will be sore, I'll be tired, and we'll be a third of the way out of Texas!