......................Today I spoiled myself and finally replaced my worn-out boots and gloves. RocketBunny and I were headed back from running an errand in the Woodlands, so we decided to stop by Cycle Gear in Greenspoint. We found a decent selection, but the boots I wanted were a tad bit too small. I thought I was trying on men's sizes, but as it turns out they were women's. Well no wonder the 9 didn't fit! The Almeda store had a pair in my size, so we headed there.

The pair of size 10's fit perfectly (although I didn't have any socks on) and I picked up a pair of Alpinestars gloves and some oil filters that will come in handy.

Snoopster met us for dinner and a movie after getting her bike sorted out and road-worthy again.

It was a fun day out with the girls!