Tonight was the largest bike turnout so far at Doubleshots. It started off looking like a Dual Sport rallye, but a few sportbikes graced us with their presence. I got to take a spin on a Gixx1k... Thanks BugSlapper!

Got to see the ultra high-tech mirror repair on a finely tuned piece of German machinery: zip ties, two screws, and duct tape.

We ran out of parking space early on, so the KLR (AKA The Tank) went over to 'graze in the pasture'.

Lots of big, ugly bikes in attendance.

"Are those coolers on that bike?"
"No, man - those are luggage."
"They look like coolers. Can you put drinks in them?"
"No, they're just luggage."

Los' newly-painted beauty, sans blinkers, fairing, fender... :doh:

Sparkyphotog gives the Gixxer a sit...

A few of us moved on to Hooters for some munchies, and the group grew to 7 bikes ready for a late-night ride.

If it wasn't for Los' bike facing bass ackwards this would have been a very cool shot.