I ate sushi!
And no, it wasn't just lox-on-rice like the last time I ate sushi.

Becca (RocketBunny) and I met up for a quick taste of the orient before the football game got started last night. Looking through the menu, I was wide-eyed and curious what she'd make me eat. I think I might rather have not known what she was ordering, but I tried not to let the names get to me.

We ended up with a rainbow roll, a "special" Houston roll, and some miso soup. I tried a small piece of pickled ginger, and was quickly reminded that I don't want or need to try it again!

I'm really glad Becca gave me the little push that I needed to try something new. I'd never eaten shrip or whitefish before, and it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. The fried breading stuff on the shrimp actually taskted like hash browns!