I'm finally nearing the end of the VFR paintwork.
All parts have bene painted and clear-coated. I've started doing the final sanding and buffing one piece at a time, and should have it all ready to go by the end of the weekend. About time, right!

After this, I'll get the studio cleaned up and reorganized (I need to separate out office stuff from painting stuff because the line is getting fuzzy) so that I can keep better tabs on my projects as they come in and go out. Estimates, cost of supplies, and better tracking of time spent on each stage of the project is in order. If I can get myself in the mindset that it's a job and not just a hobby, I can actually make some decent money and enjoy myself in the process.

I've sanded and filled the scratches on a pair of FJR saddle bags, and now I'm just waiting for the Yamaha-matched paint to arrive so I can get them done. The scratches were easy enough to fill because they didn't go all the way through the plastic and nothing was cracked. I'll have to get some before & after pics of that one up on my website.

Speaking of which, I need to work on my website...