And so I sit here at home in the solace of my bedroom; adorned in duckie pajamas... but I should be out on the road. I should be on the first leg of a journey consisting not only of miles, but of memories.
My first ADV rally.
My longest solo ride.
Tagging FOUR more states for my "Ridden In" map.
After settling down my emotions and cancelling my precious vacation time, I was asked a very good question: why not just drive out there?
Well, because... uh... I dunno. Quick, think of something to answer here... Because I can't get the XR there without a pickup.
Then I wondered what was wrong with going by truck. I realize the goal is to arrive BY or at least WITH a bike or access to one, but what if that wasn't possible - why not just drive?
Because driving to Georgia to hang out with people that were going for a ride and leaving you behind all day is a waste. A waste of time, gas, and patience. Those kinds of miles, when done in a cage, can literally make a person feel trapped. Sharing the ride adds an unspoken dynamic - I enjoy road trips, but not driving alone.
Well, by the time this line of thought was perusing my inner neurons it was too late anyway. The truck wasn't ready for that kind of mileage, and I had successfully pleaded to get the vacation days returned to me unharmed. Now I'm stuck here at work for two more days this week - and yet another Monday. I like weeks that start on Tuesday. I'd already started my psychological vacation metamorphasis, so returning to the office is dreaded more now than ever.