Counting Down...

About 16 hours until I launch. I'm nervous and excited, but not (yet) finished packing. If it weren't for this silly J-O-B getting in the way, I might be ready to leave tonight instead of at sunrise.

Will I head east then north? Or northeast? Or something in between?

I guess we'll see when I thumb the starter and clip the helmet on in the morning.


nikka said...

i am tracking you...you are L.A. already. Cool!

Anonymous said...

Not even a phonecall the night before or in the morning before you left, huh? Now remind me: you're turning off the tracker at night for safety, and then back on in the mornings? And an OK in the town you're sleeping in?
Also, I'd like to know the first song you listened to on your way out of town, to start your journey.