Made it out to Motorcycles Unlimited on Saturday for an early morning tech session, hosted by Patrick (owner, operator, head mechanic, and wise-ass) for a small group of MotoHouston members.

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While I was therre, I scored a new rear tire, as I'd already worn the last one down flush with the wear bars. To save $$ on labor, I removed and re-installed the tire in the parking lot at the shop. Easy enough to do, was talking and socializing while I was doing it, and getting my hands dirty has never been an issue.

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I also looked at the magnetic tank bags they had, and was pleasantly surprised to see that the Cortech Super Mini magnetic tank bag was just big enough to hold my extra visor and was small enough to ensure I don't overpack for day trips. The magnets hold the tank well, and the bottom of the bag is a super-soft material that will be better at keeping my tank scratch-free than my Twisted Throttle bag did.

I'll hold onto the TT bag for longer rides, but it is really starting to fall apart and can no longer be relied on. It's a shame they stopped making them, as they were V-Strom specific and fit the tank perfectly. Oh well...


1TallTXn said...

Ah yes, the Mini is a wonderful little tank bag. Only once or twice have I wished for something larger.

at least you got to ride on Saturday!

Anonymous said...

Hey, found your blog through Becca, just wanted to pop in and say hi!